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    2019 5th international art festival

    2019/09/07|カテゴリー:【 ご案内 】Info

    I joined 2019 5th Geoje International art Festival at Yukyung museum.
    This is the second time to join.
    Geoge International art festival
    Actually I was worried to joined the event because Korea and Japan has an issue of Politics.
    Finally I decided to joined this event.
    I knew many Korean joined the event so I was prepared and hoped for the event.
    From the results, they were so welcoming, war, kind and I almost crying by their kind.
    We care of that issue each other and it makes us more heartful mind, I thought.
    Political disputes are not good things, but it has allowed us to exchange a lot of great love for the citizen level.
    We could feel happy about “We are alive, we could meet again, we could feel love”.
    This was big big gift for us.
    – – – – – – –

    This times we have been traveled Geoje city which has this museum,
    Jeonju city which has traditional town and
    Jeongeub city which has a lot of nature.
    내장산 내장사

    All place was my favorite city.

    Korea that seemed to known but did not know well.
    Exchange love, watched and tried traditional dance and music,
    walking traditional town while wear the traditional cloth,
    thorough those various experiences I could feel the Korean culture by all my body with respect for the history.
    – – – – – – –
    There are many small happens and bad feeling because of different culture.
    They just did normal things of their own countries and nobody bad.

    But this tour has time and has a chance to keep communication.
    Those steps grown us a lot. We can understand each other though the communication.

    We were convinced this is “How to make peace.”

    In this mixed culture, most familyer country was Korea I felt.
    It means very close culture. We have many similar word, habit and thinking.

    Did you fight with brother and sister a lot?
    If they are close many fighting we did. That makes us more mature and grown up human.
    art festival
    – – – – – – –  
    I thought most valuable things for “International art festival” is not
    ”Become famous!”, “Sell a lot to the world!”, “Get award!”….
    Through art exchange each culture and understand each other.
    I felt “That is I wanted know and feel.”
    Our mental grow a lot in this time I thought.
    I really appreciate all who gave us this opportunities.
    Thanks again to all artists and especially director Cheon eob yu and all stuffs who belong to Haegumgang Museum, Yukyung art museum.
    해금강테마박물관(Haegeumgang Theme Museum)
    → Up date a lot of photo to facebook
    Exhibition untill 10/25/2019
    If you around Geoje, please stop by Yukyung art Museum which is second floor of Haegeumgang Theme Museum
    Haegumgang Museum
    When I back to museum, This sky welcoming me.
    Seems like earth celebrating us!