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    The group exhibition in Kobe was finished.

    2016/01/28|カテゴリー:【 ご案内 】Info,< English >

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    The group exhibition in Kobe was finished.
    This exhibition have started from Kobe – Awaji Earthquake in 1995.
    So this exhibition was 22nd times.

    南京町 蝶屋 TEN TEN
    This gallery was in China town.
    There were so many temptation for me.. lol
    The end of exhibition, one woman came into the gallery who had experienced the Tohoku earthquake, then she preferred this painting from about 20 paintings.
    I explained about my painting and this exhibition concept.
    “I see! I remember that I thought Plum will bloom even though it’s so cold now.”
    Plum usually bloom in early spring but it’s bloom in late spring in Tohoku.
    I was impressed the Plum has such a “hope” meaning.
    Now this Plum painting is my “hope” symbol for future even though it is hard time now.
    “Plum” Detail page
    plum 梅 nao morigo



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